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Free Exchange 大特価 新作

Free Exchange


Free Exchange


'I love the variety that L.A. offers in terms of musical opportunities, from classical to rock and roll, but for all of us, our real passion is jazz' Rick Rossi, sax player - Goin Public Goin Pulic is a young band that delivers a blend of cool, edgy jazz and Ramp;B Funk. The band's self-titled 1995 debut album gained them quite a following with it's blend of jazz and hip hop. On this new CD they are joined by guest artists percussionist Luis Conte (Sting, Miles Davis) and Bass Clarinet Player Bennie Maupin (Herbie Hancock) 'Preferring a combination of danceable back beats and simpler melodies alongside Luis Conte's congas, bongos amp; percussion arsenal, Goin Public provides a forum for the adventuresome solo work of guitarist [Johhnny Valentino], pianist [Ken Burgomaster]and saxophonist [Rick Rossi] Rick Rossi's timbre is unique; his solo presentation on 'Discrete Desires' wafts beautifully and his doubling with guitar produces a sliding effect much like that of a violinist. 'Step By Step' and 'Three Fenders In The Corner' feature some fluid and exciting tenor saxophone work. 'Free Exchange', the title track, finds the natural blend of Maupin's bass clarinet and the background singers; it's representative of the entire session, in that this is a team effort with blending and doubling giving it that distinctive charm.'

Free Exchange

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